Bathroom Remodel in Pacifica, CA

 Busy Homeowners in Pacifica —

Award-Winning Go2 Design Studio Turns Your Bathroom into a Gorgeous SPA Sanctuary for Less than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

… while making sure you
Get the most for your money
Discover your true Style DNA
Eliminate costly change orders, and
Complete the project in the fastest possible way

My name is Severine Secret

and I am the owner and lead designer of Go2 Design Studio.

Over the past 20 years we’ve been working on high-end residential projects in the Bay Area, and with leading companies like Google, LinkedIn, Adobe, and Apple.

Our goal is to make the homeowner ecstatic about their new look while avoiding the 4 pitfalls, as you shall see below.
Whether you already have a designer working with you or are looking for one – my team and I are here to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way.


To your success!

September, 2019

Call us with any design or remodeling question. We're here to help.

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Now before you hire a designer, pay a contractor, or purchase expensive finishing materials

Wouldn’t you like to see your newly-remodeled bathroom –

Without Spending a Single Dime?

Looking to Have a Bathroom Remodel in Pacifica?

We Make Bathrooms Beautiful!

Beautiful bathroom design in Pacifica CA

We use the latest 3-D software to create your bathroom so that you can envision it first!

You get to choose all the patterns, colors, and materials that would make your Pacifica home bathroom gorgeous. For you, your family, and your guests.
Attractive bathroom textures for homes in Pacifica CA

About Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom is a room in the home or hotel for personal hygiene events, generally containing a toilet, a sink (basin) and either a bathtub, a shower, or both. In some countries, the toilet is usually included in the bathroom, whereas supplementary cultures decide this insanitary or impractical, and allow that fixture a room of its own. The toilet may even be uncovered of the house in the deed of pit latrines. It may as a consequence be a Ask of user-friendly way of being in the home whether the toilet is included in the bathroom or not.

Historically, bathing was often a combination activity, which took place in public baths. In some countries the shared social aspect of cleansing the body is nevertheless important, as for example considering sento in Japan and the “Turkish bath” (after that known by additional names) throughout the Islamic world.

In North American English the word “bathroom” may be used to intend any room containing a toilet, even a public toilet (although in the associated States this is more commonly called a restroom and in Canada a washroom).

About Home Improvement

The concept of home loan, house renovation, or remodeling is the process of renovating or making additions to one’s home. house early payment can consist of projects that restructure an existing house interior (such as electrical and plumbing), exterior (masonry, concrete, siding, roofing), or other improvements to the property (i.e. garden put-on or garage maintenance/additions).

About Pacifica, California

Pacifica is a city in San Mateo County, California, upon the coast of the Pacific Ocean together with San Francisco and Half Moon recess.

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Bathroom Remodel in Pacifica, CA

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