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Design for Wellness


A word with many meanings. From living healthy, through a healthy mind, and ending with promoting long life.

And that’s why it is no wonder that wellness is being integrated into design in a big way these days.

Examples are:

  • Paying close attention which materials and substances are being used in construction and furniture,
  • Designing rooms to enhance productivity and inspiration
  • Using furniture that promote healthy posture at the workplace and home
    Integrating with the environment, like Living Walls

For years designers were mostly interested in the form and function of spaces. But with a growing awareness of body and mind issues – as well as the environment, more and more designers include the wellness modality in their work.

Our company works within the guidelines of LEED and the WELL initiatives. We offer these services as an option to our clients, and also serve other professionals in the industry who seek to adopt these guidelines.

To learn more what Design for Wellness can mean to you and your project, contact us today.

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