105 E. Tasman, San Jose, CA

Proposal for Facade Lifting

Current Facade

Proposed Facade


In our vision, as illustrated in the proposed facade, the front of the building will be freshened up by using contemporary materials. For example, perforated metal panels. Wood cladding. Metal awning. California native plants, and indirect lighting for marking pathways.

The main advantage of our vision is that it gives the building a complete makeover at a relatively low budget.

Here is a more detailed elaboration of our concept: “As the visitor enters the parking lot, their eyes are drawn to the building entry. A metal awning defines the entryway, helps with navigation and provides wayfinding. The nature of the material also amplifies strength and durability. It is surrounded by wood cladding and perforated metal cladding against a grey painted exterior. It adds warmth, an inviting feature that is welcoming to the visitor. The signage is also made of stainless steel with a curved and modern font that contrast with the wood and gives a fresh pop to the ensemble.

If the visitor looks along the edges of the building and the grounds around the parking lot, they see well-maintained plants and landscaping. They stand out against a grey color palette of the building walls. This combined with indirect lighting fixtures adds softness as well as security. This already puts them in the mood of nature, sustainability, and a well-maintained building that will only make them want to go inside to discover more.

As the visitor finalizes his walk-thru, they come across the Outdoor lounge in the back, surrounded by an enclosure, and made of colorful furniture, to encourage rest and access to fresh air which in turn promotes employee wellness. Those materials and features also mix with the surrounding buildings and apartment complex around it. They blend well but the building has been given its unique identity”.

Let’s use this first draft as a basis that will evolve into the ultimate vision for the property. Please contact me so we can discuss further.

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