Style Discovery

Music. Food. Clothing. Art.

We all have our tastes and preferences. Something we collectively call our style.

And just with everything in life: some are trendy and fashionable, while others are staples – stand the trials and tribulations of time.

“Oldies but goodies”; “comfort food”; “jeans and t-shirt”; “the classics”.

And while for each of us those staples may mean something else, what is common are the feelings they evoke within us: familiarity, safety, “at-home.”

Interior and architectural design are no different. While some design elements can be considered the “hot thing” today but not tomorrow, others withstand the test of time, eliciting the warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort and ease.

We call this your Style DNA.

A set of materials, colors, textures, patterns, lights and other design elements whose combination makes you feel “just right”.

While hard to define by words, the Style DNA can be detected more easily by how you resonate when presented with certain designs.

We have a quick process to find your Style DNA. And then if your space is designed according to it (either by us or by another designer), the result will make you feel at home not only today or tomorrow but in years to come.


Because it resonates with who you are; with what makes you tick; with what makes you feel as One with the place.

To learn more about your Style DNA and our Style Discovery process, contact us today.

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