While beauty and functionality are at the core of the design, our company is also very environmentally-conscious.

And that means that we plan for optimal use of materials that promote wellness for our client as well as sustainability of the environment.

We have embraced this eco-friendly approach from the start and are certified by leading bodies like LEED and WELL Healthy Initiative.

In that capacity, we work with professionals in the industry to bring these principles into their projects. We also provide services that are required by their clients such as compiling LEED documentation.

The trend is clear: use environmentally-safe and renewable natural resources.  More and more companies are gearing their office space with safe products to their employees.  And if an item is made from a post-consumer recycled material or a low emitting material the more credibility they will get with the certification institutions.

If you need an environmental consultant to lead you through the maze of standards, safe materials, and workers well-being, Go2 Design Studio is well-equipped to assist you.

To learn more about our sustainability approach, contact us today.

Types of Sustainability Consulting Services

  • LEED documentation

  • Well documentation

  • PEP, Declare, HPD, EPD certification

  • Low emission materials

  • Red List Free materials

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