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Keep It Simple with Tiles Too

Modernism is founded on simplicity and clean lines, so what types of ceramic tiles would you expect designers to recommend in a mid-century modern home: ornate and busy, or classic and simple? Read more.

Our Homes: Staged for Living

San Jose Eichler owner explores strategies for staging interiors in new CA-Modernish. Read more.


Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

They say to err is human, to forgive divine—but really, isn't it more divine to look ahead and avoid said error completely? Read more.

Tile with Style

Designer tips that bring a fresh, eye-catching face to showers and backsplashes. Read more.


Timeless Blend

How vintage and contemporary modern furnishings come together for an inspirational mix of warmth and style. Read more.

Synthetic Surfaces under Foot

Designer, homeowners delight in a plethora of evolving non-natural options for flooring. Read more.


Staged for Living

Enhancing interior design aptitude to make your home look as special as it really is. Read more.

Ground Floor of Authenticity

How investigating Eichler roots led couple to VCT and cork tile as their flooring picks. Read more.

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