How Does a Room Make You Feel?

Peaceful? Inspired? At Home?

Does it Resonate with Who You Are?

It's Your Style DNA!

Let Us Help You Discover Yours.

Design.  Individually-matched for Each Client.

“They take their expertise and design background and explain how to make the renovation look and feel the way you want it.”
Rachel Collier

San Jose, CA

Color. Texture. Pattern. Flow.

  What Combination Makes You Glow?      
“Go2 Design Studio did great work under tight deadlines at a great price.”
Howard Lagoze

Director, Family and Children Services

“They ran with it and created a stunning dining room space.”
Karen Becker

Los Gatos, CA

Style Discovery

What makes you tick?

Bright or dim colors? Straight or curved lines? A smooth texture or a pronounced one?

There are so many combinations but only a few appeal to you, reflect who you are. And at the end – makes the room, house, or office feel just “right”.

We call it “Your Style DNA”.

And we can help you find yours.

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Interior Design

So many to options to choose from. And then even more combinations that can be made of them.

These days residential and commercial spaces can be designed in so many ways and embrace different styles.  From traditional, to modern, to the spectacular.

But at the end, it is you, your guests, and/or the employees who need to enjoy the space.  Not the Jones’s.

How will you feel long after the designer has completed your project?  Was it for them to add another set of pretty pictures on HOUZZ, or was it genuinely designed for you?

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Architectural Design

Walking into a space and envisioning the possibilities.  Imagining changes that can dramatically modify the look, feel, and function of a room, house, or an office space.

All while staying within budget constraints, construction best-practices, and code requirements.

That’s the advantage of addressing Architectural Design from a strong and proven Interior Design angle.

Let us show you what we mean.


Now more than ever before, home owners, employers, and employees are opening their eyes not only to beauty and function of a space, but also to how they would affect their health, productivity, and the environment.

Designing with wellness in mind is a growing trend that will only accelerate over the coming years.

Are the materials health-safe? Is the lighting conducive to productivity or distracting? Do the furniture support spinal well-being, or hurting it?

We can offer the answers to these questions and many more.

And yes – Design and Wellness are not mutually-exclusive.

If you need an environmental consultant who knows the standards and certification process, and how to use environment renewable natural resources, Go2 Design Studio can certainly guide you.

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